Who’s involved

This project is a collaboration between many different institutes. 

Project headquarters is the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris (IAP) where the CALET computer cluster, CANDIDE, is located.

At IAP, people working on the project are H. J. McCracken, S. Rouberol and A. Moneti.

At Caltech, we collaborate with Peter Capak (IPAC), PI of SPLASH and SLS programmes, and Iary Davidzon (photometric redshifts, stellar mass measurements, optical and infrared data processing).

At LAM, Marseille our principal collaborators are Stephane Arnouts and Olivier Ilbert (photometric redshifts and photometric measurements).

At IAS, Orsay, who are handling the archiving of CALET data products, we are working with Herve Dole and Marian Douspis.

At CEA, Saclay we are collaborating with Jean-Charles Cuillandre, who acts as our official liason to the Euclid external data products group, and Martin Kilbinger.

In Oxford, UK, we collaborate with Clotilde Laigle (hydrodyamic simulations).

In Hawaii, we collaborate with Dave Saunders (PI of Hawaii 2-0 proposal).

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